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Consulting and training firm, created to share with Moroccan companies its expertise in the fields of industrial management, logistics and supply chain.

Follower of "tailor-made", C-LOG provides quality services on many themes: Warehousing, storage, supplies, Supply Chain, Industrial management, production, Lean management, etc.

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Our values

Beyond skills, they reflect our attitude


We take care to establish a real relationship of proximity, trust, based on exchange and listening to better know our customers


C-LOG is committed to offering its customers a quality service, perfectly adapted to the objectives sought, by providing them with expert, flexible, passionate trainers and an engaging pedagogical approach.


A value that permeates all our training and consulting activities.
This translates into a way of being and a permanent search for perfection.


Organizing the upskilling of its employees has become an essential element of business strategy. An imperious necessity, for those who want to look to the future calmly.

Our specificities

Our services guarantee you a service of excellence

A 360° approach to the project, without focusing solely on individual areas

Offer innovative and concrete services, allowing our customers to make strong and objective decisions

Our service is objective and is not conditioned by the need to sell a specific solution

We do not abandon our clients, we accompany them from the preliminary phases of project development to implementation and testing

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