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A leading consulting firm in supply chain management, we support you in analyzing and optimizing your supply chain, identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing tailor-made strategies. From inventory management to strategic planning, including team collaboration and training, we offer a full range of services tailored to your specific needs.

Choose C-LOG Consulting and Training for a solid partnership and an optimized supply chain. Together, let's meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with success.

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Our Trainings

Thanks to our concrete professionalism and our adapted pedagogical models (case analysis, team discussions, group work, simulations and exercises), we promote the transfer of new skills.

Production and Lean

Logistique Amont | Aval

Supply Chain Management

Certifications APICS

Production and Lean

Optimize your production and adopt a Lean Management approach thanks to our specialized training. Acquire the essential skills to reduce waste, improve efficiency and strengthen the quality of your operations.

Our experts will guide you to transform your business and gain an undeniable competitive advantage.

  • Production planning: MRP II
  • Build and implement an Industrial and Commercial Plan (PIC)
  • Scheduling, launching and monitoring of production
  • Scheduling techniques (advanced level)
  • Cycle: Principles of production management
  • SMED: Single Minute Exchange of Die
  • lean-manufacturing

Upstream Logistics | Downstream

Upstream and downstream of your production sites or your warehouses, logistics is of crucial importance because it determines the satisfaction of your customers.

C-LOG offers you key training to optimize your supply and distribution flows, better manage and optimize your stocks, your costs and your deadlines

  • Procurement techniques and inventory management
  • Practical methods of inventory management
  • Sourcing techniques and strategies
  • Organize and manage a warehouse
  • Inventory techniques and stock reliability
  • Cycle: Principles of Inventory Management
  • Downstream logistics and distribution

Supply Chain Management

Join us and turn your passion for the supply chain into a real opportunity for professional success.

Our specialized training will allow you to acquire strategic skills in supply chain management, flow optimization and coordination of operations.

Become an expert in supply chain management to ensure exceptional performance and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • Introduction to supply chain management
  • The fundamentals of supply chain management
  • demand management
  • Training cycle in Supply Chain management

Certifications APICS

The APICS certification programs are today essential international references for all direct or indirect players in the supply chain.

We are recognized as a Certified Instructor

  • Professionals holding the APICS CPIM certification earn on average 25% more than their non-certified peers
  • 74% of them reported an improvement in their career after obtaining their certification.
  • 90% of employers consider APICS CPIM certification to be an important criteria for recruitment and promotion.
  • 87% of employers said APICS CPIM certification had a positive impact on employee retention

C-LOG Consulting

We offer personalized Supply Chain support to help you optimize your operations, reduce costs and maximize your efficiency. Whether you want to improve your planning, optimize your procurement processes, increase the productivity and efficiency of your production lines, reduce delivery times or optimize inventory management, we are here to guide you every step of the way. We help you identify opportunities for improvement, implement effective strategies and maximize added value for your customers.
Our collaborative and tailor-made approach allows us to understand the specifics of your business and develop solutions tailored to your needs. We also support you in driving change, helping your team adopt new practices and achieve higher levels of performance.

Supply chain planning

We help you establish strategic, tactical and operational plans for the optimal management of your supply chain, taking into account demand, production capacities, delivery times and logistical constraints.

Optimization of logistics processes

We work with you to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your logistics processes, implementing solutions such as reducing transit times, optimizing routes and consolidating shipments.

Inventory management

We help you implement effective inventory management strategies, using appropriate tools and techniques to optimize your inventory levels, reduce inventory costs and avoid shortages.

Collaboration with supply chain partners

We support you in improving collaboration with your suppliers, distributors and other supply chain partners, by setting up information sharing and coordination processes for better synchronization of activities.

Agile Supply Chain Transformation

We help you adopt a lean approach to optimize and streamline processes, improve responsiveness and foster innovation within your supply chain. Together we will create a flexible, adaptable and future-oriented supply chain.


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